Old Forge began as Old Forge Studio, a small, rather old-fashioned recording studio using ribbon mics, tube mic pre-amps and tape and a ‘mix before recording’ approach to produce natural, spontaneous recordings of small acoustic ensembles. You won’t find us spending years mixing 128 tracks with every trick imaginable applied to a song with 47 edits in 3m30s. Everyone plays together at once, plays through the piece in one go and that’s all she wrote. That’s still happening today.

In the meantime, I answered the siren song of hi-fi retail and relocated from a 400 sq ft actual historical forge to 1450 sq ft in a 100+ year old, high ceiling’d, brick, soap factory building.

Last, but certainly not least, I struck up relationships with Simon Brown at DesignBuildListen, famous for the Wand carbon fiber, unipivot tonearms and their new 14-4 turntable, and Gary Morrison of Pure Audio, known for their gorgeous Class A power amplifiers, pre-amp and phono stages. I’m both happy and proud to say that Old Forge Marketing is now the U.S. Distributor for both of these fine New Zealand brands.

Thus, there are now three facets to Old Forge, each with its own web site:

Old Forge Studio - the recording studio - If you want to record in a near-live setting, this is the one you want.
Old Forge Audio - the retail hi-fi shop in Mystic, CT - If you’re a consumer/end user looking for hi-fi, this is the place.
Old Forge Marketing - U.S. importer/distributor - If you’re a consumer looking for information on WAND or Pure Audio, or a dealer inquiring about adding either brand, you’ve landed in the right place.