Gearing Up For AXPONA

The arrival of the first production Wand 14-4 turntables coupled with a tonearm review poised to publish just prior to the show prompted me to escalate from attendee to Exhibitor this year. The timing means that Old Forge will have a booth (EXPO 9313) rather than a room, but attendees will still be able to audition the new table.

The system will consist of: WAND 14-4 turntable, Plus 10 arm on table, Master 12 arm on supplemental mount, Dynavector and EMT cartridges, Pure Audio Little Vinyl and Vinyl phono stages, Pure Audio Control pre-amp, two headphone amps and two pairs of headphones.

Attendees will also hear the Wand 14-4 table as part of a full system in one of Tenacious Sound’s rooms on the 12th floor.