Old Forge Marketing is extremely pleased to announce that Luna Cables has named us as their U.S. distributor. Initially, we had placed an order as a dealer looking for a great-sounding cable line with broad category choices and several performance labels. When we received our initial shipment of Orange cables and installed them system-wide in place of some other highly regarded cables, a process repeated on two very different systems over the course of several days, I was way beyond impressed.

Luna Cables’ interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, USB cables, Ethernet cables and jumpers, available in Gray, Orange, Blue, Red and Black performance levels, get all the fundamentals right, then tease out fine detail, harmonic structure, extension and authority you may not have realized your system could deliver. If you’ve read the reviews, you know I’m not alone in hearing this.

We’d like to invite prospective dealers to get in touch to discuss Luna Cables and how it may benefit you and your customers. Dealer names will be added on this site as agreements are reached.

Similarly, if you are a consumer in need of cables and unwilling to settle for run-of-the-mill, feel free to get in touch to explore Luna’s offerings.